I’m here. I’m queer. Let’s Chat.

Was that too strong of an introduction? Maybe so, but I think in any first interaction, it’s important to establish who we are. So how about we do that, sound good?

What’s your name? Lian. What’s your full name? Lian Villanueva Lansang.

(Yes, I did just semi-quote The Fault In Our Stars.)

From the title of this post, I should probably mention that, yes, I am queer. I know, for a lot of people that sounds very offensive. But it’s not, it’s how I identify. I am a queer POC (person of color). So to clear things up, my PGP (preferred gender pronoun or personal gender pronoun) is in fact “she/her,” but I don’t exactly identify as female or male – I fall somewhere in between. So all pronouns are welcome based on what you feel. I won’t be offended if you call me “he” or “they.” Just don’t be rude.

I’m a writer. Which pretty much just means that I invest way too many emotions into fictional characters. Not just in my own writing, but literally in anything that has fictional characters – books, TV shows, movies.

Currently, my emotions are invested in WestallenRogue OneHollstein, and Game of Thrones.

Blitz Summary:

Westallen – Barry Allen and Iris West on the TV series The Flash. They are my otp, and I couldn’t love them more than I already do. (Well, I probably could.)

Rogue One – This is by far my favorite Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back. This movie answered my questions about how the rebels even got the Death Star plans in A New Hope. But I mostly loved it because of Jyn Ersoknown in the real world as Felicity Jones. (Be still, my beating heart.)

Hollstein – Laura Hollis and Carmilla Karnstein from the YouTube series Carmilla. What can I say? I love my tiny little gay, Laura, and my brooding, sexy vampire, Carmilla.

Game of Thrones – Mother of Dragons.Breaker of Chains. The Unburnt. KHALEESI.

Anyways, welcome to my site/blog! Most of this will most likely be related to fictional characters and worlds. I will also probably post updates on different shows I watch as well as random tidbits about my life such as – I have a book due out in 2017. Exciting!

Well, that’s it for now friends.


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