Writing Is A Lot Like Running

The other day, when I went for a run, I realized something. I realized that running is a lot like writing. At least it is for me. I go through a lot of the same emotions when I run that I do when I write. It’s weird – I know – but it is so true.

I usually run at the end of the day after I come home from work. I think about going for a run sporadically throughout the day then when it comes down to it, I usually think something along the lines of “Ahh, damn it.”

Half the battle is changing into my running clothes and shoes. Then once I’m changed, I probably spend a few minutes doing anything else that isn’t running. Finally, I push myself to go for that run.

A few more minutes are wasted, futzing with my running app and trying to decide how far to run. I usually set it for something simple during the weekdays like 1-3 miles.

When I finally hit the road and run, the first few minutes I think, “Wow, yeah, I got this.” Then about halfway through, when my lungs start to burn and I’m sweating more, I think, “God, this was a terrible idea.” Then when I’m three-quarters of the way through, I think, “I’m in pain. I’m dying. This is what death feels like.” But then, when I finish my run, I think, “I did it. I went out there, and I did it. YAS.”

The thought process I usually go through when I run, is pretty much the same when I write. I constantly think about writing throughout the day, and when I’m going to write. Then when I get the opportunity, I have to change into my writing clothes, (yes, I have writing clothes – they’re sweats or whatever is weather appropriate…and sometimes a cape), pull out my laptop and my headphones, then I open up word to get started.

I usually stare at a blank screen for a few minutes then change the font and size a few times. Finally, when I start typing, I think, “Wow, yeah, I got this.” Then when I get to what I feel is halfway, I start to think, “God, this is a terrible idea. This doesn’t make sense.” Then as I keep writing, I start to doubt why I’m even a writer. Then when I finally get into my groove, I think, “I’m doing it. I writing, and I’m doing it.”

Writing is a bit different than running because I write until I feel like I wrote a decent amount or I hit like a writer’s block rather than how I run for 1-3 miles. However, I always feel the same kind of satisfaction with both when I finish. I feel accomplished because I did it.

Writing is a lot like running because you just have to go out there and do it.

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