I’m Lowkey Impressed with My Hairy Legs

Not going to lie – I really am.

I remember when I was in junior high and I started shaving my legs. My first thought was that this is ridiculous, like why the hell do I need to shave my legs? It just seems like extra work, and it’s not like it’s bothering me. Thing is, though it wasn’t bother me, it was “bothering” some of the other kids in my class.

This goes back to how as a society, we raise children to believe that females shouldn’t have any hair like a naked mole rat, and it’s okay for males to be hairy, the hairier the better! If males lack body hair, they’re somehow not a man. Dummmmbbbbbbbbb.

So, since these kids were so obsessed with the hair on my body, I made sure to literally look like a naked mole rat because that’s what I was told was acceptable and pretty. And I did this for a really long time.

But now that I’m not in junior high, and I’m not around judgey little preteens, and I don’t care about all the judgey people of the world, I don’t really care about body hair. I have my preferences, like I don’t like my pits hairy, but that’s just because I like how it looks without hair. But when it comes to my legs, I really don’t care.

I think since January, I shaved my legs once in I think March, but since then I’ve just left them alone. March I had a “society tells me I need to be hairless” relapse, and I shaved my legs before going somewhere in shorts.

It’s interesting because though I don’t identify as female, I still go by a lot of “female rules,” which to be honest is ridiculous. Not because I don’t identify as female, but really who the hell said that it’s not okay for women to have body hair? But that is another issue that I may or may not write about another time.

Anyways, I haven’t shaved my legs since March, and I know this is like a weird thing to blog about – body hair – but I am lowkey impressed with how my legs look. It’s a weird feeling for me, though, because when I look at my legs now I think “I have some damn good looking legs!” Which feels weird because I grew up thinking my hairy legs were DISGUSTING.

So, what changed?

I think what changed is that I have a better understanding of myself as a person. I don’t follow the gender binary, and I’m making my body align with how my mind is. And to be honest – it feels great! Like fucking great!

So, yeah, there you have it. A post about how I’m lowkey impressed with my hairy legs.

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