PRISMA is my debut novel published by strong>Pen Name Publishing.

It is a YA LGBTQ Contemporary novel about 18-year-old Cooper Reyes. She is ready to take Prism House, UC Irvine’s only gender-neutral and LGBTQIA house. Cooper likes the ladies and is comfortable with her tomboyish self, so she feels Prism will be a good place for her.

However, though Cooper identifies with the “LG” part of the house, she realizes that there are so many things she has no idea about: PGPs – Preferred Gender Pronouns, Trans, Non-binary, and that gender identity is completely separate from sexuality.

Now that Cooper has moved in, she treads the waters of the house and college carefully so that she doesn’t offend someone’s PGP, get glitter-bombed in the face, and get into more tussles with that one douchey frat-bro neighbor of hers.

There’s also the small matter of the beautiful sophomore Dani Campo, and Cooper’s friend since junior high Hanna Bautista, both of whom Cooper is romantically drawn to and happen to be in the same sorority as well.